Last chapter of the 2013 season of Global Change this Sunday 15th September

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Stories that we will present this Sunday 15 September on TVN, around 17:00, right after Fruits of the Country:

Saving the Bees…. and the Food

In recent years, Chile has experienced the death of thousands of bees, in an intriguing global phenomenon that not only threatens the species, but the many crops that need bees as pollinating agents in their reproduction.

It is said that a world without bees would be a world without agriculture and food. That is how important they are to our lives.
We will learn about the story of a Chilean who undertook a crusade to save and protect bees. He is the founder of the NGO Plan Bee. We will accompany him on his field visits to learn about the reality of beekeepers, the solutions they are promoting and the campaign they are carrying out so that ordinary people become aware of the problem, and adopt and protect beehives.

Tourism and Education

Dayana is a young student who came from Peru to Chile, where she is studying tourism, and came across a millenary treasure: the secrets left by our ancestors in the geoglyphs and petroglyphs.
Dayane will participate in an expedition organised by Turismo ConCiencia, an innovative initiative that combines education with travel, which transforms the worldview of young people from vulnerable schools like Dayane, who are part of this experience.

Coronel: Farming for freedom

The moving story of Claudio and Francisco, two teenagers from the Provisional Internment Centre and Closed Regime Centre of Coronel who participate in a workshop on environmental education and cultivation of medicinal plants, as a way to reconnect them with their families and help them towards a better future.

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